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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Well better late then never  I finale got myself on to my blog, I have been having so much fun with the kids I could never seem to find the time to sit & say anything that I thought was worth saying, so I just hid away with my family :)

I am back & hopefully will have lots to talk about & show you in the coming months, I might have been off my blog but I have still enjoyed following all my lovely blogging friends & seeing what wonderful things they have had to say & show, you are all amazing!!

So Happy new year to you and thanks for all your lovely comments & e-mails it keeps me going, enclosed a few picks & letting you know a little bit more about what I have been up too!!


I got given these gorgeous little mannequins from a lovely friend I have found a perfect place for them :)


This is a delicious Cheesecake a really good friend gave me a family recipe its just heaven a real traditional cheesecake.


My new job working in this fabulous furniture shop where I get to arrange all these gorgeous pieces of furniture its a pleasure to go to work :))


Thought we would have a go at camping we have talked about it for such a long time so we got the tent & will be trying it out in the real world once the wet season is over, the kids loved camping out in the garden so the real thing should be fun will let you know how we go!!


I really want one of these aren't they gorgeous?  I can never find them at the right price, will have to keep looking, I am sure one day I will find one :) 

Elaine :) x

Images : All Calico Child apart from last one found HERE