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Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Creative space!

I love making notice boards for people & I try to make them a little bit different this is one of my pieces I created for a little girls bedroom the 3 boards all sit well together I think, & the ribbons all line up with each board.

I embellished these ones with a few fabric flowers I put together.

If you are interested in a custom made notice board please e-mail me as I would love to create something for you 

Hope you go have a look at some other great creations over HERE

Thanks for stopping by Lainey :) x

Images: Calico Child

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frilly Skirt Sold!!


Yay!!! Whoop wooo!!!! sorry just so excited I had my first sale on my Made today so I just wanted to shout out yippeeeeee.

I have some other cute things too if you want to take a peek HERE or HERE 

Enjoy the rest of the week hope you all get to shout Whoop Wooo!!

Lainey :) x

Images: Calico Child

Monday, March 12, 2012

Make: Grow: Thrift:

I thought I would show you how to make a little reversible hat,  here are my fabric choices, I feel in a green mood at the moment it must be because I was sat relaxing in my chair looking at the lovely green grass this morning I am even wearing a green top today so definitely in a green mood. 

On paper or card cut out  2 shapes the 1 on the left is for the circle around the base of the hat and you cut out the fabric on the fold as it will open to a bigger shape x2 pieces, you can do in same fabric but I thought I would be different & did it in 2 different one's then sew them together to form the circle. The shape on the right is like a long triangle cut out x3 in 1 fabric choice & 3 in the other, stitch each section together half inch seam allowance.

Here they all are ready to sew I got a little ribbon for the top & I cut out another lot in green gingham just for the inside if you want me to explain better & grab a template just e-mail me or you can buy them from Here

Have a great day what ever you are creating & please join in the fun at Jodie's blog & link what ever you have made grown or thrift hope to see you there!!

Lainey :) x

Images: Calico Child, button haby goddess

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Relaxing Pod Chair!!

Well the day has finalli arrived & my Pod chair has got hung yay!!!  I managed to grab an hour to sit & relax yesterday with my book befor the family all gathered for dinner, it was magical just swinging in the shade listening to the birds twittering.

Its made from a synthetic rattan & can go out in the weather so thats a win win for me I will just take the cushions off when the rain appears.

Hope your are all having a great week & can find time to relax with a favourite book!!

Lainey :) x

Images: Calico Child

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Vive Le Livre"

Well today I am joining in with Felicity from Gifts of Serendipity who on Tuesdays has a link called "Vive Le Livre" where she discuses  books she has been reading, she is such a good writer & talks about it all so very eloquently a true gifter.

You can read other bloggers comments too & add to there conversation, she loves people getting involved with the conversation like I said "a true gifter"

The book I have chosen to read this month is called "The Paris Wife" by Paula Mclain its all about Hadley Richardson when she meets Ernest Hemingway, it starts off in 1920 Chicago, I would love to have seen the roaring 20's all the dancing & party's.

Any way I best get on & start reading this book will let you know how its all going next week see ya, If you are reading any books at the moment please play along & head on over to Felicity's blog she would love to hear from you happy reading.

Lainey :) x

Images: Book booktopia, "Vive Le Livre" gifts of serendipity

Monday, March 5, 2012

Make: Grow: Thrift:

A friend asked me to make her a top taking the patten from one of her well worn & loved tops so I cut it up.  It was quiet tricky as had lost its shape & lots of frilly pieces too add.

I did it though (phew) with a few fittings in between as I wanted it to be perfect especially as it had to be identical to the old one, sorry I forgot to take a pick of all the scraps from the old fabric as wanting to get this post done.

It made my day when Fee stopped by the shop wearing the top after having lunch with a friend, I now have 2 more pieces of fabric to create another couple of tops but a different style I have some good pattern's to work from this time so should be a breeze :)

Hope you have a great Make: Grow & Thrift day!! Head on over to jodie if you want to join in with the link

Lainey :) x

Images: Calico Child