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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grease is the word!!

Well I have neglected my blog of late & there has been a reason, I have gotten back to what I used to do many years ago just for a couple of months.

You see I used to be a professional dancer many moons ago & stopped when I was in my 30's to be a full time mum which I embraced & have loved every minute of it, I just got my fix when doing the house work while listening to music I would dance around, its great get's you through all the boring chores :)

I had to put a stop to it when I was doing my creations as I would never get the garment finished, (may be now and again I can get carried away) well I love the feeling of dancing its wonderful to just let go!!!

I never got back to it properly which I trully regrett but as I got on with family life I stopped beliving in myself thinking well its in the past I had my go, move on, I will be no good any more & to old, I so lacked confidence any excusse I would have it.

Well the kids are growing up & my heart was always thinks of that feeling you get when performing I think its always with you, with me I got it dancing around at home or at a Zumba class.

So a month ago I plucked up the courage (with the help of my family) & decided to go to an audition for Grease the musical at the local Amature dramatics company which put on the most professional shows here in Mackay.

I went for the chorus as been 14 years since the last time I performed it was a good place to start we sang first then had to be put into groups of dance ability I just went with the flow danced my socks of my gosh I was having a ball loving every minute of it, the feeling was fantastic.

The next thing I know I am being called up to do another routine with all the young girls my gosh at this time I'm bussing they wanted to decide on the role for Cha Cha, at this point I'm thinking OMG!!

Well I get the call back to read some of the script,  I am overwhelmed, my part of the audition then is over & I get a tap to say thanks for coming & off I go home thinking what a great day I have had & I would just love to be in the Chorus as the feeling of performing again was just a great!!

Got the call at 6pm "Congratulations Cha Cha" OMG!!!! I was amazed well my daughter was laughing at my reaction at this point & so pleased for me.

So now I have 2 months to get my self fit again so stretching & running every day, you see I had to do the splits in the audition Arrrrr  I just went for it didnt think I was 44yrs at that point I was re living the moment of being 20 again, you should have seen the bruise on my knee!!!  It took a few days  for my inner thigh to recover too hee hee.

Rehearsals are going well its a great feeling even if its just this 1 time performing I will cherish every moment & be glad to be a part of the company, as I have become a member now it will be nice to offer my services backstage for other productions, even I know the body can only do so much.

I will try & get some posts together soon, hope I haven't lost to many of you.

Lainey :) x

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