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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Creative Space

Thought I would have a go at covering my bedroom lamp shades today to give them a bit of a lift as they looked so plain.

Fabric all cut spray ready be careful with that spray I thought my room was well ventilated but ended up having to go out side, then I didn't check the wind direction first hee.

 I was thinking what have I started?  If I work with the spray glue again I think a mask will be purchased. I entertained myself making them, thank god I didn't video it you would have had a laugh.

I am so pleased how they turned out the glue does hold well on the fabric as one of the shades I realised I had put the fabric on upside down as you can see by the run of the pattern that would have been wrong told ya I was having fun & games hee.

Happy Creating.

Lainey :) x

Images: Calico Child


  1. OMG they're gorgeous! You are so clever. They look so 'designer-ish'! A-M xx

  2. These are just too gorgeous. Its powerful stuff that spray isn't it :-) Great job!! I just purchased a lamp shade and planning to do the same thing but haven't found the "right" fabric yet. You have got me motivated to get a move on!Thanksxx

  3. They are totally fabulous Lainey.
    Harry Harry produce THE most gorgeous fabrics and whether they're upside down or not, you've made these lamps go from great to glam.

    Happy day Lovely, your creative space would be a fun place to share.

    xx Felicity

  4. What a fabulous result. I just love the fabric you chose.

  5. They look great - such a simple makeover for a beauty of a finish!

  6. they look great! i certainly can't tell that one of them is upside down :D

  7. gorgeous lamps...they would go superdooper on my new bedsides ;)

  8. Thay are lovely! just lovely.
    I started some stupid old ones over at my place about three years ago and the fabric was old and stained so decided to rip it off and start with a bare frame the other day. That was a bad idea!
    You are much smarter than that, wind direction and all :)

  9. It's gorgeous! It doesn't even look like they were upside down. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  10. Great job, the fabric is lovely...will brighten your bedroom I am sure.

  11. OH! Now that is a wonderful transformation!!! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR WELL-WISHES!

    Keep up the wonderful fabric creations...oh how I wish I had more time...


  12. Hello
    I've just discovered your blog through The Haby Goddess' 'Make Grow Thrift' and am looking at some of your older blogs. I really loved this post and glad I found it as I have tried to recover lamp shades, with little success, so I am going to try this way. So, thank you.
    PS Your lamps looked beautiful.

  13. Thanks so much for coming along to have a look & I wish you the best with covering your lamp shades hope you show your end result :)


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