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Friday, August 26, 2011

Thinking of my Deck

Just finished building the deck, well not me personally I'm not that good at wood work hee.  I am so looking forward to getting idea's together,  I keep changing my mind though as there are so many wonderful looks to create.

I found this lovely picture over Here thanks to A.M  she did a post the other day so I got the link vie her,  its so inviting isn't it?  I could see myself sitting there with a nice glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon!!

We haven't got a covered roof on the deck though so this look probably won't work,  I will keep searching  any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.

Have a great weekend

Lainey :)

Images: Calico Child & HGTV



    Thank you for your visit! ENJOY YOUR SUMMER as ours is coming to and end. What a great read......Anita

  2. It's looking fabulous! That is an exciting project! Have a glorious weekend, Kellie xx


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